Ivy Global specializes in transforming businesses with the aid of technology. We help businesses use technology to transform their operations thereby positively improving bottom-line and gain competitive advantage.

Online Digital Marketing, Biometric & RFID Technology, Wed Development, Visitors Management solutions, mobile marketing and mobile app development services , Enterprise solutions, and Online Business Strategy, software development, design, consultancy and other Business support activities.

Today, Ivy Global is a well-reputed technology/software development company with excellent track record and years of industry experience. Our customers have selected us repeatedly because of our attitude to regarding our clients’ challenges as ours.

Our team is abreast of the latest software technologies. We are passionate about leading edge technology and quality and we strive to maintain a dialog with the client throughout the life cycle of the project delivering nothing but the best for every customer.

Our Quality policy helps in bringing a commitment to excellence and perfection in all that Ivy Global does for a client. We offer solutions, which are reliable, stable and bug-free

Vission & Objectives

To help your business grow
Ivy Global’s vision is to provide significant leverage in meeting the growing IT needs of a global economy by using the latest technologies and innovations to drive businesses. In order to gain these advantages the focus of the organization is placed upon the following objectives:

  • Selection and performance of highly leveraged, collaborative quantitative applications that lead to excellence and improved cost effectiveness in global Ivy global engineering practice.
  • Promotion of better quality standards, process, customer responsiveness, support systems.
  • Pursuit of outreach programs with national and international industries to improve worldwide safety, product quality, and economic well-being.
  • Extension of research programs developed by ivyglobal to other related application areas.

Quality Policy

Our Quality Policy states the following primary goals:

  • Development of high-quality software systems that comply 100% with customer’s demands.
  • Rigorous and timely fulfillment of every obligation to a customer.
  • Continuous improvement of development and management processes.
  • Deep involvement of every employee in the quality management system.

Quality improvement is a permanent process rather than a single action for Ivyglobal. Such improvement is achieved through regular external surveillance and internal audits, thorough review of all business processes coupled with client feedback. We pay special attention to preventing possible problems rather than follow-up error correction.

Key benefits of working with Ivyglobal

  • Software development and IT services that suit your requirements the best
  • We offer bespoke solutions within client’s timeframe and budget
  • Our team comprises top-notch software engineers with excellent education and technical background
  • Our Quality Management system ensures conformity to international industry standards at every stage
  • Modern facilities and communication resources that allows you to hold the key of on-going project
  • We are one of the foremost Nigerian IT companies